Treatments for Men

Treatments to look good and feel confident are not reserved exclusively for women. While many of the same techniques and surgical principles apply to men, everything must be done thoughtfully and adjusted to suit them specifically. In recent years it has become much more socially acceptable to make some adjustments to facial features we don’t like. That being said it is important to understand that changes in men look most natural when they are subtle. The goal isn’t to smooth out every single wrinkle or overly reduce a nose.

Regular maintenance:

Botox and Disport as well as facial fillers are great options to stay looking young and vibrant. Again, the goal is not to create high feminine cheeks and to get every line. Looking healthy with a fuller face and stronger with carefully placed fillers to better define the face is key. Dosing botox to maintain some movement and even some wrinkles will look more fitting for a male face.

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Men:

Understanding the difference in what looks good for men is essential for nasal surgery. Aside from being able to function and breathe well, a nose should be able to resist shrinking and changing over time. Providing good nasal support structures is essential to keep things looking stable. Aesthetically, men look more natural with a stronger bridge and less refinement of the tip.

Facelift Surgery for Men:

Facelifts and neck lifts done on men address the loose skin that typically shows up under the chin. Removing fat and tightening the region can be done with incisions that are hidden. Incision placement in men is important because unlike women, they typically do not wear make-up or have long hair that may cover incisions. Lifting needs to be done in a natural vector, especially avoiding an over-pulled look.

Blepharoplasty for Men:

Eyelids are a common complaint for men. Lower lid fullness from fat bulging can be corrected with surgery to restore the lids to a more rested, relaxed appearance. Avoid a tight pull is again especially important in men. Reducing lower lid fullness and removing hanging upper lid skin will give a more vibrant energetic appearance.

Hair loss in Men:

Hair loss is a sensitive issue for most men. Luckily there have been great advances in hair restoration surgery options. Results are looking more natural and can even avoid a linear scar in the back of the scalp. Maintenance treatments without surgery are also recommended. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections can be done in the office every few months. These injections are quick and easy and use growth factors from your own blood to keep your hair healthy and thick.