Moh’s Surgery Reconstruction

What is Moh’s Surgery?

Moh’s surgery is a method of surgically excising skin cancer. This is usually done awake under local anesthesia with a dermatologist. Thin sections of the skin are removed and analyzed right in the office. This way healthy skin can be left behind and the defect or hole created is minimized.

How is the skin reconstructed?

After the margins of tumor are confirmed to be cleared, reconstruction can be done. If there is a small defect then the skin may be closed on itself. In sensitive areas such as the face, or for larger defects, skin may need to be move around adequately close the hole. This is called adjacent tissue transfer or local tissue rearrangement. Usually this takes into account complex shapes and functions of the face. Most notably, the nose, ear, lips, cheek and scalp, can require more than a simple closure. Often a dermatologist can do the closures as well, however for more complex issues or a discerning patient, a plastic surgeon may be requested.