Chin Augmentation Options

Chin Augmentation Options

The chin – one of the most underrated and ignored facial areas that truly helps to define the profile and harmonize the features of the face.

Its size, definition, and protrusion have a dramatic impact on facial profile and overall appearance. The chin also helps balance out the other features of the face, most notably the nose.

Patients with weak chins are often unsatisfied with their appearance because their facial proportions appear unbalanced. Many patients come to Dr. Michael Bassiri-Tehrani unhappy with their appearance but they can’t pinpoint the issue. Oftentimes, their weak chin makes the nose appear larger and the jawline appear weaker.

The perfect chin does exist for each person, though, and it can be achieved through a few different options.

Doctor Michael Bassiri-Tehrani, M.D. a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in New York City elaborates on the options available.

As a cosmetic surgeon to the New York elite, Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani understands the importance of guiding patients towards the most effective, individualized chin options.


Option 1: Chin Implant

 Mentoplasty (chin surgery) can refer to either augmentation or reduction. Here, we’ll focus on augmentation with an implant. It’s is a quick, low-risk procedure that can be done at the same time as other procedures. There are a variety of great new implant options available today, and the results are very natural. This is one of the most popular ways to alter structure while providing balance. Doctor Bassiri-Tehrani describes how the procedure works:

“In order to reduce the chance of infection, a small incision is made just below the chin,” Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani explains. “Next, a pocket is created for the implant, which is then carefully placed and positioned right front of the jaw bone. Once the implant is in the proper position, it is secured with sutures. All in all, it is a quick and easy procedure for the patient and they return home the same day.”

After the mentoplasty procedure, patients may experience minor tightness and swelling in the chin. There is generally very little discomfort, and any minor pain or soreness is generally gone after 3-5 days. Some facial plastic surgeons may suggest eating light, liquid-based meals for a week or two.  Additionally, in some cases, a compression garment may be used reduce swelling. Sutures are removed within 10 days and patients will see their full results from the chin augmentation procedure in about six weeks.


Option 2: Liquid Chin Augmentation

For those who are not ready for a chin implant, a liquid chin augmentation can be achieved using dermal fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane or Versa to sculpt the chin into the desired shape and peak.

The treatment is typically short (5-10 minutes), results are immediate and there is zero recovery time outside of potential minor bruising at the injection sites. While not permanent, results can last for up to two years in some cases, without touch-ups. Doctor Bassiri-Tehrani explains…

“Anyone who wants a stonger profile could be a candidate for chin filler,” says Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani. Chin fillers have increased in demand due to the rise in facial contouring. Creating a stronger chin helps define the lower third of the face. I often use chin fillers in conjunction with cheek and jawline fillers to create a picture-perfect heart shaped face from any angle, which patients love for their social media selfies.”


It’s important to seek out a skilled, experienced injector for your dermal fillers; ideally, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

If you’re unhappy with your chin and would like to discuss your options, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Bassiri-Tehrani, a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His practice focuses exclusively on treatments and procedures for the face, nose and neck.

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